Beautiful Mess

I donned one of my favorite t-shirts (from a Sarah Hart ♥ concert) to get ready for our beauty detox.

So, I was thinking, we took a look under the sink, made some tough choices, and invested some time and money to clean up our act with regard to household cleaners.  We have more work to do, but be sure to take a moment to celebrate your progress.  Next time you reach for a product to tidy up after a meal, smile and thank yourself.  You probably don’t do that enough in all areas of life!

Beauty products are a little more fun than cleaning products so let’s take a look at those…

Well even though they are a little more fun, we still have to plop down under another sink.  This time the bathroom sink.  But, before we do that, we have a little homework to do.  Remember I am a teacher ; )

1.  Make a list of all your current body and beauty products.

Consider cleansing, moisturizing and cosmetics.  This list will help you throughout the process.

My body care list looks like this:

  • body soap, hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, tooth paste, deodorant, lotion

My facial care/cosmetics list looks like this:

  • cleanser, scrub, masks, makeup remover, moisturizer, eye cream, concealer, blush, highlighter, eye brow pencil, mascara, eye liner,  lipstick, and hair spray.

2.  Now back under the sink for some more label reading.

If you are like me, you have amassed quite a collection of half-used, might-use and used-to-use beauty products.  Remember our work here is two-fold: detoxify and simplify.

  • Start by discarding older products.  We tend to keep products longer than safely recommended, so now is a good time to toss.
  • Look at the labels of the products you are keeping.  Refer to the 15 Toxic Trespasser list.  some key words to look for are parabens, phthalates and even fragrance. I am going to be honest, I went cold turkey and tossed all my body soaps, lotions, toners, perfumes and hair products.  You don’t have to do that, but at least know what you are working with.

3.  Cleansing

  • For me soap was where I could make the greatest impact for the whole family.  I found a wonderful, locally made goat’s milk soap, Tasha’s Own at the farmer’s market.   I replaced all of our body wash and hand soaps with it. It was a little inconvenient at first to go from pump to bar but worth it.  I even went to the farm and met the goats.  Tots adorbs!  (Not necessary.  I am just like that!)  Unfortunately my local source (that sounds sketchy) moved a few hours away.  I still stock up during the summer when I get to their new farmer’s market.  I also found the soap on Etsy here. They’re running a sale!
  • My friend Meghan, brought me this loofah from her garden!  As you can imagine, I am totally on board with this natural exfoliator.  And, I can’t wait to grow them/it (?) in my garden.  This loofah has been in my shower for weeks, like lots of weeks. It is completely in tact and as clean as the day I got it.  Again, can’t improve on nature, so why try?
  • When I can’t get the Tasha’s Own goat’s milk soap I use Shea Moisture bars.  I actually cut them in half since they are so big and put half in the kids bathroom.
  • For hand soap, if we are having guests, I like to use Everyone Hand Soap. It’s expensive but it is a large pump and it lasts.
  • And look at these cute little travel sticks of GM soap!  I didn’t get them from the same farm but I love them.  I’ll try them on my next trip and let you know how it goes. My Hummel is even impressed.
  • Anti-bacterial hand soaps or hand sanitizers are not something we need.  They are usually a toxic soup and many reports indicate that we are all killing the good bacteria with the bad.
  • If you got the Branch Basic’s kit they include a hand soap pump.  I bought an extra one.
  • I use the goat’s milk soap for my facial cleansing too.  If you aren’t ready to do that, I like Origins White Tea and Beauty Counter cleansers  (This is an amazing company with products I love.  The drawback for me is the cost.  Worth it if it fits your budget), or consider a Norwex facial cloth and warm water or a small amount of Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap
  • Lastly, I’ve read that soap and water of any kind is harsh on skin.  I am on the nifty side of 50 so I am interested in retaining moisture. I use these Shea Moisture makeup remover wipes most nights before bed and that’s it.


4.  Moisturizing

  • You are probably all on the coconut oil bandwagon and I am right there with you. But, I have to be honest, it’s not the easiest product to use.  It sort of clumps and flakes. The same with the shea butter I love.
  • My friend Lisa turned me on to Shea Moisture products and I can’t say enough about the effectiveness and commitment to being a natural product.
  • I was soooooo excited when I found a recipe for whipped body butter that used my two faves: shea butter and coconut oil, and it combined them into a silky easy to absorb lotion.  You can find it here on The Hippy Homemaker blog. Two modifications:  I didn’t use mango butter (just more shea) or arrow root.  It turned out great.  Here are some photos from the process.  I just put the end result back into my shea butter container and  two small mason jars.  This is a keeper!  I even put some into a small container on my vanity and use it for facial moisturizing, eye makeup removal and an eye cream.  Now that’s a detoxing and simplifying that was worth the time in preparation.

Let’s take a look at our original list.  We’ve substituted and condensed. Detoxify and Simplify. Job Well Done!!  Next time we will either get back to those plastics and laundry detergent or we can work on the rest of our body care and facial care/cosmetics.  You guys decide.  Let me know what you would like to tackle next, down in the comment section.  Until then, thanks for stopping by for this important work.



body care :

  • body soap, hand soap, body lotion, exfoliator, shampoo, conditioner, shaving lotion, tooth paste, deodorant

facial care/cosmetics:

  • cleanser, make up remover, moisturizer, eye cream, concealer, highlighter, blush, eye brow pencil, mascara, eye liner,  lipstick, hair spray.