10 (20) Item Wardrobe-Core Set 3

Oh look, it’s another tunic dress!

Mustard Skinny Jeans-Old Navy (Would never normally choose mustard anything but they look great with denim and (surprisingly) my Knox Rose Tunic dress)

Blue Floral Blouse-Loft

Denim Tunic Dress-Old Navy

Navy cardigan-Loft

Paisley Scarf-Gift

Next time we will look at my entire capsule wardrobe, and break it down, so you can see all the components together and consider your options.


Let’s Talk Accessories

Isn’t this an adorable way to store bracelets?!  It came up on my HGTV feed so I made a trip to the local thrift shop in search of teacups and saucers.  I’m a bracelet gal and here’s why. For years I tried to coordinate earrings, necklaces and bracelets, like you all do so well.  I just ended up looking like an 80’s Avon catalog ad. Super matchy, matchy.  Not super stylish.

I admire baubles on everyone else.  Like those of you (Hi Ann) who can wear the fabulous oversized necklace, own it and coordinate it flawlessly with other accessories.  Or those of you (and Hello Winnie) with the fun earrings that perfectly “go with” not “match” your outfit(my favorite advice/quote of Stacy London from What not to Wear).  Sister Janice and the scarves….don’t get me started! Let’s face it, all my friends and family, rock the accessory game that eludes me.

So, one day I decided to focus on one of the lesser intimidating accessories.  I chose bracelets.  They make that great sound when you wear multiples and I almost always wear multiples. You can go full gypsy and make it work! More is…more.  I did learn early on that the best way to wear multiples is to find a unifying element and then vary the other elements.  I may wear all metals but I’ll wear a variety including gold, silver and rose gold.  Yes, you can mix your metals!

I am also fortunate to have talented friends and family members that keep me in handmade bracelets!  My sister likes to use vintage costume jewelry pieces and glass or stone beads to make beautiful one of a kind bracelets.  My friend Meghan makes lovely bangles out of the sea glass she collects on her beach walks. And I’m waiting for my friend Lisa to finish her master’s degree so she can get back to making me unique vintage-style jewelry….priorities friend!

Here are some of my winter faves (I have different warm weather  faves):

The other accessory I want to talk about is the scarf.  I was so flummoxed by them that I actually asked my sister for one with a personal tutorial on how to wear it, for Christmas.  She obliged and now I am a convert. She often has a scarf casually (but perfectly) draped around her neck.  When I tried in the past (even using online tutorials) the results were anything but flattering.  They looked like I slept in them. One of my male friends even asked, “Is that a life-vest?”  Insert laughing emoji here.

Alas, here are a few tips from sis, if you are scarf shy like I WAS…

  • It’s all in the fabric.  You want a nice draping fabric that’s not too heavy or too light.
  • A looong rectangle is your easiest shape.
  • Avoid the infinity scarf if you want to minimize fullness.
  • A fabric that is printed on both sides is best.  If not just fold it in half width-wise before you start to tie.
  • Don’t get hung up on matching colors perfectly.  A scarf should complement what you’re wearing.
  • Bust out a print to add some interest.

Click on the photos/Gifs below and you will be scarf tying in a “Gif”y! My favorite is The Pretzel!

Oh and here is my take on the teacups!

So what is your favorite accessory and why?  Have any tips for me?

Winter Ten (20) Item Wardrobe Core Set 2

Tunics are popular this season, but I like mine to be a modest length.  I rarely wear them without leggings, tights or jeans. I wear a tall black boot with the navy tunic dress and wine leggings. I also pair all these outfits with the short grey boots.

Core Items

Boden Navy Tunic Dress-I love Boden for dresses

Rose Floral Tunic Dress-Target

Grey Breton Striped Tunic Dress-Loft

Wine Leggins-Old Navy

My floral scarf is Kate Spade that I received from my sister for Christmas.

My Winter “Ten (20) Item Wardrobe” Core Items

Over the next couple of weeks I will post the core outfits in my “Ten (20 : ) Item Wardrobe”.  I can’t say enough about what a positive impact this has had on simplifying my routines and lowering my stress level.  Getting ready is quick, simple and enjoyable, and I feel as if I am presenting my best self each day. A dear friend (Hi Laura) shared one of the Madame Chic books with me and I’ve been hooked ever since.
Ten (20) Item Wardrobe Core Set
  • Navy (my new neutral) Ankle Pant-J. Crew (Jackson Fit) 
  • Polka Dot Top-Loft
  • Navy Suede Ballet “Flat”-J. Crew
  • Pink Crushed Velvet Top-Anthropologie

When I wear the pink top, I accessorize with the long pearls.  I generally wear the bracelet with the polka dot sweater.  The blue suede shoes (are you humming an Elvis tune now?) are the perfect staple but with a little pizazz.