This Is My Wish

I heard a Rascal Flatts’ song the other day, one that I’ve heard many times before.  But this time, I realized how perfectly it summed up our hopes for a daughter who is suddenly “all growed up”.  Like it or not, country music has a way of doing that.  Corny, I know.

Daughter turns 18 in a couple of weeks and Mr. Man and I have been discussing our dreams for her.  It’s taken me way too long to realize that the specifics don’t matter: where she goes to college, what profession she aspires to, what marriage and family goals she sees in her future. Those are things she needs to work out on her own and will.

OUR dreams for her are wrapped up in her ability to find satisfaction in the life that she was given, taking every opportunity to love and live fully in the service of others. God makes that so abundantly clear.  When we live in opposition to this idea, striving only to satisfy ourselves, we are left empty.  Been there, done that.

Did we do our part to deliver that message throughout her life?  I sure hope so.

Now let me be clear, we (Mr. Man and I) do not have this parenting thing all figured out. Our methods often result in tears, gnashing of teeth, eye rolling and door slamming. Did I mention eye rolling?

But just the other day daughter and I had this conversation.

Daughter: I think I am going to take a break from (a specific) social media.  It just doesn’t add value to my life.

Me Outwardly: Um OK, if you really think you should. Me Inwardly:  OMG! Hallelujah!

A couple days later Mr. Man and I had this one.

Mr. Man:  Daughter just hit a pothole driving home from school and blew out two tires.

Me:  OMG!  Oh no! Where is she?  Are you with her? Is she OK?

Mr. Man:  She’s fine. She pulled into a parking lot and proceeded to change one tire before realizing the second one was flat.  She called AAA and is waiting for the tow truck. She’s got this.

Me:  Um, OK.

Then, son, who is almost 10, made this beautiful plate of cookies for me while I was away for a day.  He found the recipe and baked them all by himself.  I’ve tried for years to bake cookies that look like these!

So let’s assess the situation:  Our kids can make cookies, change a tire and know the perils of social media.   I’d say our work here is done.

Ah, if it were only that easy.

I dare not say that we’ve done the best we could, because sometimes we didn’t. But, we are here at this crossroads, and she is going to move to the next stage of her life, no matter how well we did or did not equip her.

Our wish is still the same.  So in case you’re not a country fan:



Book Love

So, what books are you all loving this Valentine’s Day?

My mom celebrates her 86 birthday today and since she inspired my love of reading, let’s celebrate her with some great books.

I just hosted a book fair in my elementary library and the selection of new fiction was outstanding. The picture above highlights some of the titles. I heart reading youth fiction.   I will keep you posted.  I can say that Switch is an accompaniment to one of my favorite books SaavySee you in the Cosmos got incredible reviews, and we are reading The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street aloud as a family. So far it is delightful.  I linked all the book covers so if you want more details, just click.



Our priest is a reader and continually provides new thought-provoking books related to The Catholic
faith at very little cost.  This Lent we are reading The Case For Jesus by Brant Pitre. So, rather than giving up chocolate, we’ll be reading.  Son even got a new book of Bible stories that he’s going to read each night during this season.


My book club is reading An American Marriage.  The New York Times Book Review calls it haunting and beautifully written.  Loooving it!  Do you sense a theme?




I am rereading probably the most pivotal book on the subject of reading I’ve ever come across. Better Than Life by Daniel Pennac “Delving into his experiences as a parent, a writer and a teacher, he (author Daniel Pennac) asks, how does the love of reading begin? How is it lost? And how can it be regained?” Essential questions that must be continually addressed if we are to raise readers!



I forgot to mention last time that I love magazines.  I don’t subscribe, but I pick up a couple faithfully. Sometimes you just need the eye candy that magazines provide.  Four of my favorites linked below are Where Women Cook (gorgeous kitchen photos), Bake From Scratch, Flea Market Style and Cottage Style.  I get my People fix at the hair salon.

By the way, The Amazing Ursula Underwood was an interesting book.  I enjoyed it and jumped right into another Susannah B. Lewis Title, Ten Years Taken.  My mom loves mysteries so I will have to share it with her when I am finished.  Wait, I’m reading it free with Kindle Unlimited.  Happy Birthday anyway mom!


Hope your day is filled with love, laughter and books!