Beauty Part Deux

What is your beauty story?  We all have one.  Were you raised by a mother who didn’t wear makeup or one that had a favorite department store line, and never left home without freshly applied lipstick?  Perhaps she was somewhere in between. Was the natural look popular in your youth or are you a blue eyeshadow baby? Our female role models (family, friend or fiction) have a definite impact on the physical image we choose to project.  

Story is important to me. Maybe it is because I am a librarian or maybe because connecting with a story ties us all together in one big, messy, wonderful humanity. Either way, that is why, when I choose products for myself and my family, I like to consider the stories behind them.  Several of the people or companies behind the cosmetics I share today have great stories.  Sure, we have to be careful of green washing, but I think we usually know the difference behind a heartfelt mission and a marketing ploy.

With your story and your goals in mind, let’s take a look at our everyday cosmetics to make sure we are focused on simplifying and detoxifying. 

When it comes to cosmetics, I truly believe less is more, but I love a polished look.  It can be achieved in a short amount of time with the right products. Just let the real you shine through!

I’ve used EWG’s Skin Deep Database for a while now, but Phyllis’ comment prompted me to download the app. What a great tool to use while shopping. I love the convenience.  When you search an item in the database the app gives you a score and even certifies products based on EWG’s safety criteria. I found the quickest way to use it, is to type in the kind of product you want. For instance, type in mascara rather than a brand, and then see what is listed as certified or top rated.


Now Let’s talk routines and products:

  1. I start each morning with a moisturizer.  It is usually my whipped shea/coconut butter. But if I want something lighter, I like the Paraben and fragrance free Nourish Moisturizer from Trader Joe’s (Thanks Meghan).  Trader Joe’s story started way back in the 1950’s.  Check it out here.

  2. Next, I apply the Boom Stick Glow from the Boom Stick Trio to my lips and around my eyes. Then I sweep the Boom Stick Color on my forehead, cheeks and lips.

    A couple of years ago, I stumbled on Boom Sticks.  The founder, Cindy Joseph, is a “mature” model and makeup artist. You can read her story here. I’ve been using the trio for a while now and love it!  The products are natural, Phthalate and Paraben free.  And, they are specially designed for folks who want to skip foundation. Skipping foundation was a huge leap for me.  Joseph makes the point that as we age many products, such as foundation, draw attention to or highlight texture.  Made sense to me so I took the plunge.  haven’t looked back since!

  3. Next is concealer.  This is a product I currently need to switch out.  I think I will go with Beauty Counter’s Touch Up Skin Concealer Pen.  This company provides high quality makeup products that perfectly align with my natural-is-better philosophy. The mission statement is simply “to get safer products into the hands of everyone”. Read their story here. If I am going out on the town and want a little more coverage, I use their Dew Skin tinted moisturizer.  I’ve got my eye on the Flawless in Five set too!  Origins is another company that I have used and trusted for years.  I like the Planscriptions while my daughter uses the Quick, Hide!

  4. Mascara- I’m Currently using Tarte’s Cosmetics Lights, Camera, Lashes.  It scores a 4 in the yellow zone of SD Database for safety.  It is Paraben and Phthalate free but I could do better. I think I smell a hint of green washing here. My friend Lisa is my go-to when it comes to natural cosmetics and she suggested Pacifica Stellar Gaze Length and Strength Mascara.  This set includes an eye pencil which I definitely need (for eyebrow filler) and is brown, my favorite mascara color. I just hit buy on Amazon!  So excited to make this purchase.  You can read Pacifica’s story here.

  5. In my purse, I carry the watermelon shade of Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer . My friend C-W turned me on to it years ago with the declaration that it looks good with any skin tone.  I was skeptical, but she was right! I am never without it.  I’ve linked a four-pack here because you will want to have one at home, in your purse, in your car, in your other purse….You get the picture.  Burt’s Bees’ philosophy is “What you put on your body should be from the best that nature has to offer.” That works for me!

I received a comment on an earlier post requesting a natural whitening toothpaste.  I made one recently and am pleased with the results.  I mixed up a batch and then divided it among  small lip balm containers.  Each family member gets their own to keep it more hygienic.  I’m happy to share the recipe and directions.  Just e-mail me here and I’ll get it the download right out to you!  Don’t be alarmed. Natural whitening toothpaste is actually black!

And lastly today, let’s talk about something nobody wants to discuss:  body odor!  Antiperspirant and deodorant have long been concerns for those who want to use natural products.  It really makes sense to consider ingredients when you think about the lymph nodes that are located under our arms.  Actually, our skin is an organ, so anything we put on it is absorbed into our systems.

Finding the right product was a struggle. Some natural deodorants were ineffective while others caused irritation (arrowroot can be the root of this ; ).

Finally, this summer while at the farmers’ market, I came across The Farm Life, a self-described “local movement”.  A Beauty Counter representative that was at the market recommended their products.  That’s synergy.  I tried the Mineral Deodorant and was very happy with the results.  It is “Formulated by a functional medicine practitioner as a vegan natural deodorant made with magnesium oil. This chemical-free solution re-mineralize your body while neutralizing underarm body odor. The essential oils promote daily detox and skin pH balancing. Safe for sensitive skin.”  The arrowroot in this product did not bother me,and it is effective, so it’s a keeper!  Of course there is a great story here too!


To the simplifying end, here is my vanity drawer before I started the detox reboot.  Oh my!

And here it is after I discarded what I don’t (or shouldn’t) use. So much better.

Consider, that as you declutter all the physical spaces in your life, you are also clearing your mind and heart.  St. Anthony the Great said, “The more man uses moderation in his life, the more he is at peace, for he is not full of cares for many things.

Amen and Pax,





Beautiful Mess

I donned one of my favorite t-shirts (from a Sarah Hart ♥ concert) to get ready for our beauty detox.

So, I was thinking, we took a look under the sink, made some tough choices, and invested some time and money to clean up our act with regard to household cleaners.  We have more work to do, but be sure to take a moment to celebrate your progress.  Next time you reach for a product to tidy up after a meal, smile and thank yourself.  You probably don’t do that enough in all areas of life!

Beauty products are a little more fun than cleaning products so let’s take a look at those…

Well even though they are a little more fun, we still have to plop down under another sink.  This time the bathroom sink.  But, before we do that, we have a little homework to do.  Remember I am a teacher ; )

1.  Make a list of all your current body and beauty products.

Consider cleansing, moisturizing and cosmetics.  This list will help you throughout the process.

My body care list looks like this:

  • body soap, hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, tooth paste, deodorant, lotion

My facial care/cosmetics list looks like this:

  • cleanser, scrub, masks, makeup remover, moisturizer, eye cream, concealer, blush, highlighter, eye brow pencil, mascara, eye liner,  lipstick, and hair spray.

2.  Now back under the sink for some more label reading.

If you are like me, you have amassed quite a collection of half-used, might-use and used-to-use beauty products.  Remember our work here is two-fold: detoxify and simplify.

  • Start by discarding older products.  We tend to keep products longer than safely recommended, so now is a good time to toss.
  • Look at the labels of the products you are keeping.  Refer to the 15 Toxic Trespasser list.  some key words to look for are parabens, phthalates and even fragrance. I am going to be honest, I went cold turkey and tossed all my body soaps, lotions, toners, perfumes and hair products.  You don’t have to do that, but at least know what you are working with.

3.  Cleansing

  • For me soap was where I could make the greatest impact for the whole family.  I found a wonderful, locally made goat’s milk soap, Tasha’s Own at the farmer’s market.   I replaced all of our body wash and hand soaps with it. It was a little inconvenient at first to go from pump to bar but worth it.  I even went to the farm and met the goats.  Tots adorbs!  (Not necessary.  I am just like that!)  Unfortunately my local source (that sounds sketchy) moved a few hours away.  I still stock up during the summer when I get to their new farmer’s market.  I also found the soap on Etsy here. They’re running a sale!
  • My friend Meghan, brought me this loofah from her garden!  As you can imagine, I am totally on board with this natural exfoliator.  And, I can’t wait to grow them/it (?) in my garden.  This loofah has been in my shower for weeks, like lots of weeks. It is completely in tact and as clean as the day I got it.  Again, can’t improve on nature, so why try?
  • When I can’t get the Tasha’s Own goat’s milk soap I use Shea Moisture bars.  I actually cut them in half since they are so big and put half in the kids bathroom.
  • For hand soap, if we are having guests, I like to use Everyone Hand Soap. It’s expensive but it is a large pump and it lasts.
  • And look at these cute little travel sticks of GM soap!  I didn’t get them from the same farm but I love them.  I’ll try them on my next trip and let you know how it goes. My Hummel is even impressed.
  • Anti-bacterial hand soaps or hand sanitizers are not something we need.  They are usually a toxic soup and many reports indicate that we are all killing the good bacteria with the bad.
  • If you got the Branch Basic’s kit they include a hand soap pump.  I bought an extra one.
  • I use the goat’s milk soap for my facial cleansing too.  If you aren’t ready to do that, I like Origins White Tea and Beauty Counter cleansers  (This is an amazing company with products I love.  The drawback for me is the cost.  Worth it if it fits your budget), or consider a Norwex facial cloth and warm water or a small amount of Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap
  • Lastly, I’ve read that soap and water of any kind is harsh on skin.  I am on the nifty side of 50 so I am interested in retaining moisture. I use these Shea Moisture makeup remover wipes most nights before bed and that’s it.


4.  Moisturizing

  • You are probably all on the coconut oil bandwagon and I am right there with you. But, I have to be honest, it’s not the easiest product to use.  It sort of clumps and flakes. The same with the shea butter I love.
  • My friend Lisa turned me on to Shea Moisture products and I can’t say enough about the effectiveness and commitment to being a natural product.
  • I was soooooo excited when I found a recipe for whipped body butter that used my two faves: shea butter and coconut oil, and it combined them into a silky easy to absorb lotion.  You can find it here on The Hippy Homemaker blog. Two modifications:  I didn’t use mango butter (just more shea) or arrow root.  It turned out great.  Here are some photos from the process.  I just put the end result back into my shea butter container and  two small mason jars.  This is a keeper!  I even put some into a small container on my vanity and use it for facial moisturizing, eye makeup removal and an eye cream.  Now that’s a detoxing and simplifying that was worth the time in preparation.

Let’s take a look at our original list.  We’ve substituted and condensed. Detoxify and Simplify. Job Well Done!!  Next time we will either get back to those plastics and laundry detergent or we can work on the rest of our body care and facial care/cosmetics.  You guys decide.  Let me know what you would like to tackle next, down in the comment section.  Until then, thanks for stopping by for this important work.



body care :

  • body soap, hand soap, body lotion, exfoliator, shampoo, conditioner, shaving lotion, tooth paste, deodorant

facial care/cosmetics:

  • cleanser, make up remover, moisturizer, eye cream, concealer, highlighter, blush, eye brow pencil, mascara, eye liner,  lipstick, hair spray.




Grab a box! Let’s start the detox

I have a picture of my people at the top of this post because that is my motivation for a healthier household today and every day.

Are you ready?  Let’s get started! The three tools you need are: A garbage bag (because we are going to get rid of our past mistakes), a box (because there will be some keepers-maybe just until we replace) and the 15 Toxic Trespassers Sheet from Women’s Voices for The Earth (to reference along the way).

The 15 T T Sheet is a list of some of the most concerning and prevalent chemicals found in household products.  We are going to use this sheet to analyze the labels on the products we use daily.

Let’s get under that kitchen sink: Plop yourself down and take a look at some labels.  I keep dishwashing liquid, dishwashing detergent, extra spray cleaner and a soft scrub cleaner under there.  Three of these items I already make myself.

But oh my!  Anything that looks this…unnatural, can’t be good.  You are probably thinking,  You make many of your  household cleaners and you saw fit to buy those? Remember, we are not judging.  But, I would have to agree with you.  That is why I need this Detox Reboot and I need you to help me!  

So, no ingredients listed on package.  But my internet search resulted in a Proctor & Gamble safety data sheet for these Cascade Fresh Scent Actionpacs that listed this among several other ingredient warnings.

IF INHALED: Remove to fresh air and keep at rest in a position comfortable for breathing. Call a physician or poison control center immediately.

You have probably also read about children mistakenly eating these because of their enticing shape and color.

These have to go!

It is important to note here that Proctor & Gamble is one of the first companies to (by 2019) pledge to list all ingredients including fragrance components on it’s cleaning products.

Here’s the thing friends:  we could spend months sifting through information (a lot of it contradictory) trying to determine what is “safe” and what isn’t.  I’ve decided that I want “less chemical/more natural” in my house. So moving forward my mantra will be:

If I can make it or purchase a natural alternative, I will.

Do you have those 4 same items under your sink?  Do you want to replace any of them? No worries, I’ve got you covered, and it couldn’t be easier.  Can I tell you a little story first?  If not, just skip ahead.  No hard feelings.

My daughter decided to compare the effectiveness of spray cleaners for her science fair project 5 years ago.  She taped off two sections on the counter and we proceeded to touch, place raw foods (including meat) and basically contaminate them.  She first tested the bacteria levels.  Needless to say they were high.  She then cleaned one section with a store-bought cleaner with bleach and the other with our vinegar and water solution.  I had used the VW solution for a while when she did this, so I was definitely sweating the results.

Drumroll please: After cleaning, the store-bought cleaner side still contained a startling amount of bacteria.  The vinegar and water side contained almost no traces of bacteria.

This was a middle school science fair project, not The CSI lab, but still!  That is one product I have since used consistently throughout my house including on all kitchen and bathroom surfaces.  And here is more good news.  These products are cheaper to make then their store-bought counterparts.

So, if nothing else, consider replacing your all-purpose cleaner with a simple solution of 1 part water to one part white distilled vinegar.

I notice they make “cleaning vinegar”.  I’ve never used it.  I just use the inexpensive household kind.  If you don’t like the smell, add the essential oil of your choice, but the vinegar smell dissipates quickly.

I’ve read that you shouldn’t use vinegar on granite countertops, but I’ve been doing it for years now and notice no difference in the look and feel of the granite.  If you’re concerned about this, you may want to use a Castile soap (like Dr. Bronner’s) solution.  The basic ratio is 2 cups water to 1/8 cup liquid soap.

Friends, I am pumped (pun intended!)  These are the recipes I have used for years with the exception of the dishwasher tablets.  That’s a new one but so far so good! I’ll keep all my how-to videos on the Laterblessed Youtube channel for reference.


Here is another alternative to store-bought dishwashing detergent.

My friend and canning buddy, Debbie Lou, shared this great article with an infographic of several homemade cleaning recipes.  Thanks DL!

If you are interested in making a change but don’t want to make your products, you still have good options.

One semi-do-it-yourself product is the Branch Basics cleaning kit.  I purchased it years ago and was happy with the results.  They had to make some changes to their product and took it off the market for a period of time.  They just relaunched with a new formulation.  They offer different kits but basically it is the base soap that you use to make a cleaning solution and hand soap.  The bottles and dispensers in the kit show you exactly how to measure.

Norwex products are excellent but I use their cloths, not necessarily their cleaners.  The cloth is kind of the point with Norwex.

I  love Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap for a myriad of uses, including body wash.  We’ll talk more about that in the body care and beauty post.

I also recommend Mrs. Meyer’s or Seventh Generation products.

We are well on our way to a whole house detox and I’m feeling better already.  I hope you are too!  In the next post we will consider our plastic usage in the kitchen, discuss safer alternatives and then venture into the laundry room. As we continue, consider keeping the products you are sticking with in the box.  That way, when we are done, you can see exactly what you still have (all in one place) and what could still be changed out.

If you have a natural kitchen cleaning product that you like or a recipe that you’ve tried, please share!  Or, just let me know how you are feeling about these first steps. I’d love to hear from you.





Are you Ready to be an Actionista?

The purpose of this blog is to connect with other (wiser than me) women, who are also attempting to live their best (not perfect, not one size fits all) life, and share the journey. I am a planner.  Perhaps you’ve noticed.  So, the concept of living intentionally is affirming for me.  I can say, “See, I told you we needed a plan!”  The plan part I’ve got.  It’s the actual purpose, I’m still working on.  Oh, I get “The” purpose (at least for me). First Corinthians has that covered. “Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

But, how do we simplify living intentionally and infuse it into our daily lives? How do we shift our focus back to the important relationships in our lives rather than the functions of the day?

For me the key is the simplify part.  That is why I’m hell-bent on decluttering every aspect of my life. When daily life and routines are simplified, then the mind can rest and the heart can be free to be more generous.  Does that make sense?  Marie Kondo could not have sold millions of books across the globe if she hadn’t struck a chord with so many.

So, we’ll talk about technology, shoes, pantries, photo storage and free time.  But let’s start with the idea of detoxing and what it means in our homes and habits.  I hope we can agree that it is one of the essential simplification processes that will help our state of body and mind.

Ten years ago, I read a book (Mr. Man finds reading to be a very dangerous habit for me ; ) about the health impacts of bioaccumulation, also referred to as “body burden”.  Fancy words to describe the layering of toxins in our bodies, too great for our natural detox system to handle.  Our bodies are amazing and they filter toxins in a variety of ways.  They are equipped to handle a reasonable level of toxins.  They are not equipped to handle the enormous amount of man-made chemicals entering our systems through the soap, shampoo, deodorant, lotion, makeup, we put on our skin…..or the chemicals we inhale while cleaning our homes or doing something crazy like sitting on the couch or laying our head on our pillow….or the chemicals we ingest when we eat processed food.  Shall I continue?  I think you get the point.

So, I read some more.  What struck me about each study I read, was that the two main issues, as a result of personal bioaccumulation were hormone disruption with relation to infertility and carcinogens linked to breast cancer.  Well let’s see, I spent the better part of my twenties and thirties being treated for infertility issues and my mother is a breast cancer survivor.  Fast forward 8 years to when I am diagnosed with breast cancer and go through significant genetic testing to learn that I do not carry a gene for breast cancer. It is my belief that environmental factors adversely impacted my health and still do. As these toxins are linked to many more issues that just these two.

Now, I am part of what I like to call the “P” generation.  I grew up with polyester, pesticides, petroleum-based products, perfume, plastics and processed foods. To summarize: The Poison generation.  Nobody set out to poison America, but just watch the movie, The Human Experiment, and you will see that once some folks realized they were, they didn’t see fit to stop. I can’t completely reverse my own body burden, but I can absolutely do better for my children. I am not a doctor, a scientist, a researcher, or a dietician.  I AM a woman, wife, mother and a reader. Here was my initial take-away.

Um, this all just makes sense.  Why overload our systems with toxins they can’t handle?

So let’s talk solutions.  I initially attacked the issue in three steps:

  • read labels and purge
  • read/confer (regarding replacement)
  • make/replace
  • repeat  

I did this in three areas:

  • cleaning/home care,
  • personal care/beauty
  • food

I do enjoy a good forward-slash, don’t I?

Lately, I’ve noticed some bad habits resuming (I act as if I have no control over my habits.  Oy vey!) and less than natural products sneaking back into my home. (Are you picturing a bottle of Lysol hiding under my porch waiting for a chance to get into my house?) .  So as I “reboot the detox”, I will share my process, tips, products and resources.  Then, I would love to hear your detox success stories or issues.

To avoid, information overload, I will break it into multiple posts. So if you would like to join me, we can do this one step at a time. Trust me, no judging here.  Any step to detoxify your home or habits is a victory for you and your family.

*To get you pumped and ready to take your personal environment back, consider reading (Click the Actionista button) about one of the amazing women highlighted by Women’s Voices for the Environment, for their work to make our world safer. Then take a look at your calendar and intentionally set some time aside in the near future to make a positive change in your life.


WVE is an outstanding organization whose mission is to amplify women’s voices to eliminate the toxic chemicals that harm our health and communities.

Toxic Free Future is also a great organization established to help ignite change.

*If you are ready to be your own Actionista, and you are a DIY’er, here is a list of some of the ingredients I will be using to make natural homemade products.  You probably have the most important ones in your pantry right now. I get almost all of my products locally from the grocery store or I order from Amazon.  I will make all these products on a regular basis, so I have all the ingredients.  It may seem like a lot but it is far more economical (and safer-that’s the point) than purchasing commercial products.  If you aren’t all in yet, I highly recommend at least making the spray cleaner. There are other (non homemade) options that I will share too, so don’t panic.  Lots more specifics to come!

Green Cleaning Product Shopping List:

Wonderful Whipped Body Lotion:


All Purpose Spray Cleaner:  white vinegar, spray bottle, essential oils (optional-lavender or lemon)

Soft Scrub:  baking soda, liquid Castile soap, vegetable glycerin(works as a preservative)

Dishwashing Soap: Borax, soap flakes or grated Castile bar soap, essential oil of choice (optional)

Laundry Detergent: Borax or baking soda, soap flakes or grated Castile bar soap, washing soda

Dishwashing Detergent: Borax, washing soda, citric acid, kosher salt


Body Lotion: Pure unrefined Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Carrier Oil (almond or grape seed work great)

Many of you are probably way ahead of me, so I look forward to hearing from you along the way!




Journals, Calendars and Planners, Oh My!

It seems like a good time of the year to talk about how we keep track of all we have to do in our busy lives.  I am a paper/pencil gal at heart.  As a librarian, I love books, actual books.  I am fascinated with bindings, fonts and paper.  So, my love for journals is just an extension of my paper passion.  Mr. Man finds my journal collection odd.  I don’t know why he thinks collecting empty books is….wrong.

With all that being said, I am happy to use technology tools that help make life easier.  Mr. Man, my 17-year-old and I are all linked by the same Google calendar.  What a lifesaver.  The teen’s work schedule, Mr. Man’s evening meetings, little guy’s sports’ practices and my book club meetings are all in one place for all of us to see. We are all iPhone users but I like the look and layout of the Google tool.  The “Schedule” view is, dare I say, fun.

From my early days as a teacher, a plan book has always been essential, but its format has morphed. Years ago I carried a pocket calendar, a large professional plan book and had a family calendar (loved the bestselling Sandra Boynton Mom Calendar with stickers!) on my fridge.

Multiple calendars worked as well as you would imagine.  I never had the right calendar in front of me at the right time.  Also, I need more than a calendar.  I still need a life “plan book”.  I still crave those little squares and a month at a glance.  I need a place for long-range planning, list making and goal setting.  I also need something that is inspiring.

I’ve tried so many commercial planners.  I tried the Nourished Planner last year. It has a  meal planning/foodie focus.  I’ve tried the faith focused Catholic Planner, inspiring for sure. A dear friend turned me on to the Day Designer (beautiful and ideal for all my needs).  All of them worked well for their intended purpose, as long as I used them faithfully at the start of my day and reflected with them at the end.  In other words I needed to establish a habit.  In order to do that I personally needed something a little more….creative.

That’s when I discovered the Bullet Journal.  It bills itself as “The analog system for the digital age”. Ryder Carroll explains how he developed the system to cope with his own ADHD. It is a dynamic system that evolves as you determine your needs. Carroll hopes the system will “declutter your mind, cultivate your curiosity and help you to remain focused.”I definitely think he’s on to something.

You can see the basic premise and actually get started with 4 minute video here on the BuJo Website.  That’s what I did and I was sold.  If you would like to dive a little deeper check out Ryder Carroll’s Tedx Talk here (I did that too).

Next, I discovered the Bullet Journal (or BuJo) community.  Thousands of folks just like you and me (OK so much more creative than me) sharing their journaling/list-making/habit tracking/goal setting hearts out!  Google Bullet Journal Images and you will be blown away with the creative efforts of people putting their own spin on the basic premise.

You can keep it as simple or as creative as you like, but the components and the system are intentionally streamlined. I purchased a Moleskin dotted/grid journal. Over the Christmas holiday I sat down with a cup of tea, my favorite pens and pencils (I love pens and pencils too) and set up the basic components that I use. It was  quick and felt good to do.  Oh and I got these stencils for teen daughter as she uses the system as well.  Totally unnecessary but fun!

So, if you are searching for a new “system” or just curious, take a look.  It really can make a daily chore, a little more joyful.

Before I go though, I want to share a little bit about the other journals/calendars in my life. First, there is the Shutterfly calendar that my sister does for the family each year.  Here it is hanging next to my desk (with the adorable bag/laptop case that daughter got me for Christmas). She fills it with photos of the kids and the year’s adventures.  She does it for the grandmothers too, and makes each one unique to the receiver.  It is my favorite gift to open because I can’t wait to see what photos she included.  I’ve kept each and have a series of family scrapbooks, that I didn’t have to make.  What a treasure.

Another important calendar/planner I have is my Christmas planner.  I picked this up at a craft show a couple of years ago and love how it helps me keep Holiday plans straight.  It is just a composition book inside but decorated beautifully on the outside.  It has 4 categories:

  • Cards- I keep track of where I ordered my cards from and how many I ordered.
  • Gifts-In “Gifts” I make a list of each friend and family member and note what I purchased or made for them.    I budget for all parts of the holiday and this keeps me on track.
  • Recipes-In “Recipes” I like to note what special recipes I made for celebrations or baked goods I made to gift.
  • Traditions-In the traditions section I note who visited that year, which mass we attended, and what The Elf was up to.  It’s funny how you think you will remember that kind of thing at the time it’s happening, but for me, not so much.
This adorable photo of my babies was taken by my friend and photographer Kristin @ksphoto on FB . She’s journaled our family through the years through her beautiful photography.

The last are my “button journals”.  I always wanted to have a shelf full of personal journals (actually fill all those empty ones I’ve collected) but every time I started it seemed  I just couldn’t find my voice.  Then one day (after my second child was born) I read about a woman who journaled to her children.  So, I purchased a journal for each and started keeping a traditional diaries for them .  I say traditional because I write about the day, what’s going on in the world or something special I want them to remember or experience through my eyes.  Don’t be super impressed as I only do this once a month, sometimes once every couple of months.  It has accumulated into something of a snapshot journal that I look forward to sharing with my children when the time is right.  My daughter turns 18 soon and asked if she gets her “button journal” then.  I am not sure….I might have some catching up to do.

Do you journal?  How do you keep track of events?  What planner do you use?  I would love to hear about your journal journey.



PS-Just wanted you all to know that I am not affiliated with any of the specific products (I do use and like ’em) on the blog, but I am an affiliate link with Amazon.