Not quite ready, so ready and resolve to “re-solve”

Not quite ready…

to put away the sparkle of the season?  I have a solution.  Each year  after Christmas, when our live tree has about 7 needles left on it, we remove the ornaments from it, leave the lights in place and set it on the back patio. At dusk we plug it into an outdoor outlet and when we glance out the window, we still enjoy that special twinkle that only a Christmas tree can provide. Let’s call it Fa La La for January.

So ready for…

We try really hard to appreciate every day, we truly do, but I am kicking 2017 to the curb.  Let’s just say, it was challenging. In my heart I know

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven-Ecclesiastes 3 

And, considering some of the challenges we faced this year, I can clearly see the silver linings. I’m still ready to move forward.

Resolutions-Let’s resolve to “re-solve”

Being spiritually rooted in a liturgical calendar and professionally rooted in an academic calendar, I am blessed with multiple “New Year” celebrations.  I view these as perfect opportunities to consider goals or how to “re-solve” issues or habits that need revisiting.

So, if you are intimidated or just feel already defeated by once a year resolutions consider my approach.  I call it affirming seasonal goal setting.  It sounds fancier than it is. Three times a year, I consider a new personal, professional and spiritual goal.  Since I am doing it multiple times a year, I keep it simple, meaningful and achievable. For each goal, I consider three milestone steps to achieving the goal and deadlines for the steps.  That’s it!

The three times a year are intentional as I choose when I am most inspired.  They are January, April/May (spring) and September.

This image is from a Bullet Journal user and artist Emma Tildesley.

My current spiritual goal is to be more consistent with my daily devotionals.

Milestone Steps and Dates/Deadlines

  1. Select my primary devotional source for 2018.  Place it on my dressing table for ease of access each morning (January 15)
  2. Place a devotional text in the car so my son can read it aloud as I drive him to school. (February1)
  3. Research a new devotional app for my phone. (March 1)

You may think the goal seems too simple to take the time to document, but if I want to make a change I have to consider how it is going to happen and I have to put pen to paper.  I am not a habit tracker so I feel like seasonal goals are somewhere in between yearly resolutions and tracking.  I know  a lot of people who do great with habit tracking and their step counters help them to keep moving and reach their fitness goals.  They don’t work for me.  Instead, I am plagued with guilt rather than motivated to improve.

So what are your plans for resolutions?  Do you make them?  Do you track them?

I will talk more about journals/planners in an upcoming post. Suffice to say, I am a huge Bullet Journal fan, but it was a long road of trial and error to get to the solution that works best for me.

Resolutions or not, 2018 feels like a game-changer so let’s do this thing!