Hello Friends

Welcome!  Are you looking forward to 2018 with excited anticipation or do you have reservations?  Hmm, excited or nervous?  Both?  I’ve been planning this Blog for a long time now and feel like 2018 is the year make it a reality. Like many of you I am attempting to live fully, and simply. This is where I hope we can share the journey.

I am a fan of all things related to home and family.  Life is messy though so I am always looking to the wisdom of women who share a passion for making this their best life. If we share lessons learned and shortcuts earned our collective wisdom might just lighten our load.

Thanks for stopping by and considering how I attempt to keep my home and life running (I don’t dare say smoothly) from organizing, parenting, reading, laughing (need to do this a lot), detoxifying, beautifying, gardening, baking  and simplifying.

Please stop by my “About” page to learn more about my point of view.  And, I look forward to learning more about you and gathering together a community of brave, creative, joyful women who take pleasure in savoring every moment of this blessed life.



2 thoughts on “Hello Friends

  1. Thanks Carolyn. Go for it! I’m happy to share my Spark Joy book with you. That’s what really motivated me to consider a “less is better” philosophy. It’s life changing!

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